Lotus Apps on a Linux Desktop: From OS Install Through Running the Apps
Speakers: Joe Litton William Malchisky Jr. Track: Administration
Attend the ultimate step-by-step installation session demonstrating the configuration of a full desktop
Linux O/S running Lotus applications (Notes, Sametime, iNotes, Symphony, et alia) to help you be productive
and get to your data. The presented combination works well and the overall process is easier than you
thought. If you can read, look at pictures, and use a computer, you have ALL the skills you need! Let two
Linux desktop experts show you where to download the O/S, then walk you through every mouse click and
keystroke starting at the VERY beginning. We will finish with a functioning and attractive desktop running the
Lotus applications you rely on in the real world. To ensure that you can connect to your Lotus servers, we
also review VPN, open source thin client access, RDP, VNC, and WiFi: installation, configuration, and usage
(defining terms along the way). Leave this session with confidence, knowing well that however you need
access to your Lotus data, you can achieve it!

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